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Let's Meat Kebab & Pizza House

Let's Meat Kebab & Pizza House

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Let's Meat Kebab & Pizza House

Let's Meat Kebab & Pizza House

· Kebabs· Pizzas· Burgers
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£1.00 minimum

Let's Chips

A Hearty Portion Of Chips With A Variety Of Toppings & Spices.

Let's Snack

A Rich Selection Of Quick Snacks, Loaded Snacks, Meal Fillers & Sides.

Let's Pakora

A Wide Range Of Pakora Specials. Gluten Free

Let's Pizza

A Wide Range Of Freshly Stone Baked Pizzas.

Let's Country Pizza

A Wide Range Of Freshly Stone Baked, Country Inspired Pizzas.

Let's Calzone

A Wide Range Of Freshly Stone Baked Calzones.

Let's Kebab

All Kebabs Are Cooked On The Grill In Front Of The Customers For The Full Experience. They Are Served With A Side Salad & A Choice Of Sauce. All Meats Used Are Fresh, Succulent & Of A High Standard In Order To Provide Customers With The Best Quality Food. All Meats Are Served In Freshly Baked German Bread, Arabic Flatbread Or Traditional Turkish Lavash

Let's Burger

Homemade Beef, Chicken, Or Vegetarian Patty Served In The Brioche Buns Accompanied With Locally Sourced Products & A Side Of Chips & Onion Rings

Let's Hamburgers

A Rich Selection Of Delicious Burgers.

Let's Wrap

A Hearty Portion Of Meat Wrapped Up In A Lavash Bread With Salad & Sauce.

Let's Hoagie

A Hearty Portions Of Chips On Lavash Bread, Sprinkled With Cheese & Topped With A Portion Of Freshly Prepared Meat

Let's Grill

A Wide Selection Of Grilled Goodies Served With Variety Of Sides.

Let's Hot Dog

A Selection Of Deluxe Hot Dogs Served With Chips.

Let's Peri Peri

Freshly Baked Chicken Smothered With Spices In A Charcoal Finish Served With Sides.

Let's Cake

Traditional, Freshly Baked, Delicious Cakes.

Let's Milkshake

A Variety Of Luxury Milkshakes.

Let's Ice Cream

A Verity Of Locally Made Ice Creams.

Meal Deals

A Wide Range Of Exciting Choices For A Cosy Night In With Family & Friends. Each Box Comes With A Side Salad & Two Tubs Of Sauces

Let's Kids

Kid’s Meal Served With Apple Or Orange Juice & A Main.

Let's Side

An Exciting Range Of Variety Of Snacks.

Let's Extra

A Selection Of Extra Bread & Sauces To Top Your Order Off.

Let's Drinks

A Selection Of Our Cold Beverages.

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