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Top Brands
Mealzo Giulio's Takeaway (Falkirk)
Mealzo Giulio's Takeaway (Falkirk)
Giulio's Takeaway (Falkirk)
Mealzo Bene's Port Seton (Prestonpans)
Mealzo Bene's Port Seton (Prestonpans)
Bene's Port Seton (Prestonpans)
Mealzo Barracuda Bo'ness (Bo'ness)
Mealzo Barracuda Bo'ness (Bo'ness)
Barracuda Bo'ness (Bo'ness)
Mealzo Po'Boyz (Glasgow)
Mealzo Po'Boyz (Glasgow)
Po'Boyz (Glasgow)
Mealzo Po'Boyz Ayr (Ayr)
Mealzo Po'Boyz Ayr (Ayr)
Po'Boyz Ayr (Ayr)
Mealzo Zains Curry House (Dalry)
Mealzo Zains Curry House (Dalry)
Zains Curry House (Dalry)
Mealzo Bene's Preston Pans (Edinburgh)
Mealzo Bene's Preston Pans (Edinburgh)
Bene's Preston Pans (Edinburgh)
Mealzo Hook & Catch Dunfermline (Dunfermline)
Mealzo Hook & Catch Dunfermline (Dunfermline)
Hook & Catch Dunfermline (Dunfermline)
Branded Business Website and App
A business website and an app for both iOS and Android tailored to suit your business needs and getting your message across. Optimised to promote your brand effectively by utilising search engine algorithms to make your name stand out online.
Mealzo Order Pad
Order and payment processing made easy with a slim-line easy-to-use portable device. Manage orders by using the full HD touch screen to keep track of current orders, delivery drivers and much more. Takes care of all receipt and order printing while being integrated with your own website.
Money Management App
An app designed to keep track of all your orders and transactions connected to your 3D secure payment gateway providing you with accurate updates and seamless withdrawals. You will be able to use our analysis tools to identify your best-selling products and offer personalized promotions increasing your revenue.
QR Table Ordering
Allows customers to view menus on their iOS and android device using QR technology. This reduces the time taken up through the ordering process, and lets customers pay directly and securely using their mobile device.
Social Media Management Team
Our team of marketing experts will launch social media campaigns aimed at promoting your brand. At Mealzo, we are dedicated to making your brand stand out online and attracting new customers in creative ways using online trends and ad campaigns.
Promotional Package for Business
Mealzo promotional flyers (worth £1500) Allergy Awareness chart menu holders Push & Pull door signs Open & Closed signs.
SEO to market your business name effectively
We use enhanced search engine techniques to ensure your brand is given the exposure it deserves. By utilising key words associated with your business, we can blend these words into your online presence and give you an edge over your competition.
24/7 Technical Support
Enjoy access to our free 24/7 customer service team including IT engineers and marketing consultants with live chat also available. Our friendly team of experts are available for any assistance our partners may need.
Secure Payment Gateways
Online food ordering has never been so easy and secure, we offer a variety of payment methods from accepting all major cards, to having Apple Pay and Google Pay on our portal.
Partners FeedBack
Giulio's Takeaway
Very happy with their services. We have TV menus which are very easy to get updated and with really nice designs.

Michele Di Raimo

La Capanna Takeaway
Worked with Mealzo for a long time now and would never switch. With 0% commission and a team dedicated to helping you get more orders is hard to come by.

Maurizio Pacitti

Javit's Granton
Very good value. Systems are excellent and easy to use. Recently purchased the new self-serving Kiosk and it is fantastic. You can’t beat 0% commission.

Cavit Duman

Bene's Dalkeith
Been with them for years and can’t imagine going anywhere else now. Very affordable and easy to use.

Carlo crolla

Barracuda Bo'ness
24/7 support on hand and plenty of contacts who are always available should you ever need them. Great EPOS and Kiosk systems and would highly recommend.

Kujtim Alla

Smash N Bun
Thought we would give them a try as were tired of paying high fees through other portals. It was the best decision we ever made

Shahbaz Mahmood

Great business with a great service. Staff are very friendly and always check in to see if there’s anything I need help with.

Foad Attaran

Zains Curry House
Our Platinum marketing package has helped generate a lot more orders than what we used to have.

Khurram Jabbar

Grillzz-German Doner & Peri Peri®
Really glad I chose to join Mealzo, the services and systems are excellent. We also got an opportunity to become Local Hero of the Month with their charity initiative.

Aadal Mehmood

Nitro Slushies
The team made our shop a TikTok page, and the videos went viral. Had people queuing up outside, fantastic service.

Mohammed Qasim Khan

Marini's Uddingston
Lovely staff and service, its great how engineers and support team deal with everything so quickly

Frankie John J Hurles

Hook & Catch Dunfermline
Made us our own website and social media channels including TikTok with our marketing package, would recommend!

Levent Erdem

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