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Get Fresh Food Delivered in Edinburgh
Get Fresh Food Delivered in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the enchanting city that never fails to ignite culinary curiosity, invites all foodies on a thrilling journey to tantalise their tastebuds. Get set for a tasty ride through its vibrant streets and be captivated by a taste explosion that unravels with every step! The city is a melting pot of culinary wonders and Mealzo embraces this diversity by offering a vast selection of authentic cuisines. From the comforting allure of traditional fish and chip shops that takes you back to those carefree childhood summers to the tantalising aromas wafting from Italian restaurants, enticing you with promises of decadent pasta dishes and stone baked pizzas, and the fragrant delights of Chinese Noodle Bars, promising a journey through a paradise of flavours, there's more to uncover. Download the Mealzo app now and dive into Edinburgh's delicious local cuisine like never before. We've hunted down the top-notch spots in town. Just hop online and find the absolute best takeaways, restaurants, cafes, dessert shops, breakfast spots, and a whole lot more in Edinburgh, all offering big deals on the tastiest dishes. Place your order now and let the flavour party start! Javits is one of the first partners to join Mealzo and hundreds more have followed suit, honouring Mealzo as the most affordable and super convenient food ordering platform. Mealzo offers a diverse selection of culinary alternatives, all jazzed up with awesome deals and discounts that'll have your taste buds cheering!

Our Customer Reviews
  • Medo Cafe

    Fab as always :-)

    Medo Cafe
    48 Dalry Road EH11 2BA
    4.3 (54 Ratings)
  • Papa Jaffer's

    Everytime i order they sent burnt things. I told them

    Papa Jaffer's
    4.0 (127 Ratings)
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