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Best Kebabs, Delivered in Minutes
Best Kebabs, Delivered in Minutes

When it comes to finger-licking street food that's packed with flavours, kebabs are hard to beat. Originating from the Middle East, these grilled meat skewers have gained popularity worldwide for their delicious taste and versatility. Kebabs have found their way into the hearts and stomachs of food lovers from every corner of the planet, transcending cultural boundaries. From the succulent Turkish Doner kebab to the divine Indian Seekh kebab and the heavenly Greek Souvlaki, each country has its own unique way of preparing and seasoning this culinary masterpiece. Despite their differences, they all share a common essence: the mastery of grilling marinated meat to absolute perfection. Is your mouth watering at the idea of succulent, juicy slices of tender meat, slowly roasted on a sizzling hot skewer? No matter what type of kebab you prefer, one thing is for sure – Mealzo delivers a true delight for the senses. With our vast network of partners spanning countless kebab shops and takeaways in your area, we bring the best kebab experience straight to your doorstep, allowing you to savour these tantalising treats in the comfort of your own home. Imagine sinking your teeth into a hearty Turkish Iskender or indulging in the authentic flavours of a German doner kebab—with Mealzo, these mouthwatering options are just a tap away. Our app provides a seamless and convenient way to ensure that you can satisfy your kebab cravings whenever the mood strikes. Say goodbye to long waits and enjoy exclusive savings on every order through the Mealzo platform.

Popular dishes

Shawarma is a delicious and flavourful food that has its roots in the Middle East. Historically, shawarma originated in the Ottoman Empire and was first made by roasting lamb on a spit. Today, shawarma can be made with various meats including chicken, beef, or lamb, and is marinated in a mix of spices. Shawarma is typically served in a pita bread with tomatoes, onions, pickles, and tahini sauce, and is a popular dish in the UK. Shawarma is known for its juicy and flavourful meat and is a must-try for anyone looking to experience authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

Doner Kebab
Doner Kebab

Doner kebab is a popular food that originated in Turkey and has become a British staple since the 1960s. Doner kebab is made from thinly sliced and grilled meat that is stacked on a vertical rotisserie and served with bread and various sauces. The dish is known for its delicious and savory flavour and is a hearty and satisfying meal for many in the UK. Doner kebab is a classic takeaway option that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from in a wrap to as a pizza topping. Whether you want a quick lunch on the go or a filling dinner after a long day, doner kebab is always a satisfying choice.

Our Customer Reviews
  • Nitten Kebab House

    Would not order from here again. Food was disgusting

    Nitten Kebab House
    136 Main Street EH22 4PF
    4.0 (11 Ratings)
  • Marmaris Airdrie

    brilliant service lovely food

    Marmaris Airdrie
    122 Stirling Street ML6 0AS
    4.7 (12 Ratings)
  • Spice Village

    tonight my delivery was an hour over the delivery time the food was stone cold the box was that soggy i couldnt pick it up off the work top unedible

    Spice Village
    234 Glenmavis Road ML6 0NQ
    4.4 (15 Ratings)
  • Qasid Tandoori

    Always great quality and quick delivery

    Qasid Tandoori
    17 Aitchison Street ML6 0DA
    4.5 (34 Ratings)
Gluten-free options are available on our Kebabs takeaways and restaurants . Check out our Kebabs menus to confirm gluten-free options and order accordingly if you have dietary restrictions.
Mealzo offers a wide range of vegetarian Kebabs takeaway options to choose from. Check out their online menus to confirm vegetarian options and place your order accordingly.
Mealzo offers a wide range of vegan Kebabs takeaway options to choose from. Check out their online menus to confirm vegan options and place your order accordingly.
To find Kebabs places with dairy-free options , carefully review the online Kebabs menus or contact the restaurant directly for information. This will help you make an informed decision based on personal dietary preferences.
It depends on the Kebabs takeaway. Some Kebabs takeaways may offer halal options for their customers, while others may not. Check out our Kebabs menus if they have halal options available and place your order accordingly.
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