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Aroma Kebabs Fallin

Aroma Kebabs Fallin

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Aroma Kebabs Fallin

Aroma Kebabs Fallin

· Indian· Pizzas· Burgers
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Starters & Pakoras

Chips, Snacks & Nachos

Loaded Fries & Naan Box

Curry On The Naan Bread Topped With Melted Garlic & Cheese


Italian Style Pizza - Freshly Made To Order. Extra Toppings & Stuffed Crust Are Available



American Style Burgers Served With Salad & Relish Or Mayonnaise


Kebabs Served With Salad & Sauce. Add Cheese For Extra, Salad & Sauce Separate For Extra

Wraps & Hoagies

Hoagies Served In Chapati With Chips, Cheese, Salad & Sauce


Baked Potatoes & European Dishes

European Dishes Served With Chips & Salad

Tandoori Dishes

The Tandoor Is An Open Topped Clay Oven Fired With Charcoal. The Distinctive Feature Of The Tandoor Are The Delicate Flavours Of The Meat Which Is Cooked With Marinated Herbs & Spices In Its Own Juices. The Dishes Are Low In Calories, Nutritious, Delicious & Easily Digested, All Tandoori Dishes Are Served With Rice, Salad & Curry Sauce.

Mild, Medium & Hot Dishes

These Are Specially Prepared Dishes & Are Highly Recommended, Rice Included

Korma Dishes

All Kormas Are Mild In Taste & Prepared With Fresh Cream & Served Medium Strength Or Stronger If Requested All Korma Dishes Are Served With Rice

Vegetable Dishes

Rice Not Included

Biryani Dishes

All Biryani Dishes Are Served With Curry Sauce & Salad Cooked In Basmati Rice & Fresh Vegetables

Special Offers

Set Meals

Kids Meals

Served With Fruit Shoot

Rice & Breads

Indian Breads

Dips & Curry Sauces


Desserts & Ice Creams


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