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Panda House

Panda House

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Duck dishes
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Panda House

Panda House

· Chinese· Soup· Duck dishes
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Malaysian Style Satay Dishes 马来西亚风味沙爹菜

Appetisers | 起動機

Soups 湯

Sliced Beef Steak Dishes 切成薄片的牛排菜

Ducks 鸭

Seafoods 海鲜

Chickens 鸡

Beefs 牛肉

Char Siu 叉烧

Europeans 欧洲人

Served With Chips

Thai Cuisine Dishes 泰辣鸡丝

Szechuan Style Dishes 四川菜

Kung Po 功宝

Curries 咖喱

Rice 白饭

Sweet & Sour Dishes 糖醋菜

Vegetarian Selection 素食选择

Extra Portions 额外部分

Black Pepper Sauce Dishes 黑胡椒酱菜

Chop Suey 杂碎

Egg Foo Yung Dishes 蛋蓉蓉菜

Chow Mein 炒面

Special Meals 特殊膳食

Super Snack Boxes 超级零食盒

Munchie Boxes 蒙奇盒

Drinks 饮料

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